I love creating products. In fact, I have been designing toy and game concepts since I was eight years old! There is nothing quite like the excitement of seeing your concepts, or your client's concepts come to life and to market.
After a few years working for the world's premier toy design studio in Chicago, Breslow, Morrison and Terzian, and a few more years as an Art Director at a gift manufacturer, I took a job leading Creative teams in the design and development of hundreds of Happy Meal toys for McDonald's global programs. The rapid design turnaround and volume of concepts we created made it the best training imaginable for a toy designer.
As an award-winning independent toy, game and consumer product goods inventor, I now design, develop and license my concepts to a variety of companies, including: Spin Master, Irwin Toy, Goliath, MindWare, Longshore, Polygroup, and Quarto.
As a creative consultant, I have developed dozens of product concepts for large and small companies, as well as individual business owners: Creata, Educational Insights, Babee Talk, Gateway Innovations, Global Toy Experts, Gnu Games, Irwin Toy, Green Toys, McDonald's, NumbersAlive!, Hasbro, Speechpath Tools LLC, Surge Innovations and Yowie Group Ltd., to name a few.  
If you have an idea you would like to have developed or licensed, send me a message through the Contact page and let's talk!
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